Sync issues on Exchange 2010 OAB

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In our Lab we upgraded the Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. After all the tasks, since we use Public folders we added the Exchange 2010 public folder database to the existing pulic folders replication. I did the same thing for offline address book and Schedule+Free Busy public folders under system folders.

My first question is, how do we know that all the public folders are replicated successfully including the systems folders, so that we can safely remove Exchange 2003.

My second question is that in Outlook 2007 I get a 0X8004010F error in the Sync Issues folder for Microsoft Exchange offline address book. Any ideas how to fix this?


for 2 make sure that you have internal and external URLs with certificate assigned correctly, use this article:

for 1, I am so poor in PF, building my skills in that

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For Public Folder, please try to use get-publicfolderstatistics |fl to check the public folder size. If it has reached the size for Exchange 2003 public folder, then I think we can assume that the public folder has finished replication.

For OAB, first please ensure that you have get the right url for OAB, you can use test email autoconfiguration to check the url for OAB.

Also,please have a look at the following article.

Error message when Outlook synchronizes an offline address book with Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010: "0x8004010F"

An error occurs when you try to synchronize the offline address list on an Exchange Server server while you are using Outlook 2003: "0x8004010F"


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