CRM 4.0 email router with exchange 2010

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I am currently using CRM 4.0 email router with exchange 2003. I am about the migrate to exchange 2010 and need to modify the CRM email router to use the exchange 2010 server. My exchange 2003 server does not use any SSL certificates, but my exchange 2010 will. My exchange 2010 setup consists of I two CAS/HUB servers with a CAS array conifgured, and two mailbox servers with a DAG configured. I have a SAN certificate now with the following names (CAS ARRAY),, and 2003 Server)

From what I am reading, I will configure the email router to use this URL:

Since I already have a certificate name of "" will I be good using this URL. Or do I need a separate Certificate. Thanks.

Mike Crowley

I do not know CRM, but per this

I think its just like any other application wanting to send email. You wouldn't enter a URL, but instead the address or name of the server you want to relay from.

Unless this is incorrect, you need to create a connector on Exchange 2010 HT to allow application relay. The below article talks about Exchange 2007, but the components are similiar.

Allowing application servers to relay off Exchange Server

How to Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 E-mail Router (On-Premise) with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Mike Crowley
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