Outlook 2007 - Attachment Copy/Paste issue

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Niraj Patel

I have a need to " Cut" or " Copy" to the clipboard an attachment created by a program and sent to an Outlook mail dialog (Using something like " Send To Mail Recipient" in Word), then close the (" New Message" )dialog box and " paste" the attachment into another Outlook (new) mail dialog. This cannot be dragged and dropped because the first dialog box must be closed and remains in focus before you can access the second. In Outlook 2003, this functionality works without error and in the second dialog box it would automatically add the " attachment" line and insert the item from the clipboard.

In Outlook 2007 the item appears in the Office clipboard but cannot be pasted. Control-V or the paste command from the clipboard does not work. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

This appears to be unique to items that are 'temp' files (not saved). I can cut and paste a saved file and it works normally. However cannot cut and paste this 'temp' file without the intermediate step of having to save it. This worked in Outlook 2003/XP SP3 with no problem. Now using Outlook 2007 and the problem appears. (As well as 2010)

Can anyone explain?

Ruchi Bisht

Well you are performing the right steps but unfortunately this functionality does not work in Outlook 2007 as well as in Outlook 2010.

Ruchi Bisht

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