Router port forwarding for Edge Transport Server with Subscription enabled fails.

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I am running Exchange 2010 Server with an Edge Transport Server with a Cisco Model RV016 16 port wired router where with the Subscription enabled, it fails. I would like to request that anyone having a similar experience with the Cisco Model RV016 wired 16 port router LAN let me know their solution to the problem. I am running the Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Full Version operating system on three servers: a Domain Controller FQDN: (IP on a single machine, an Exchange 2010 Server with a full complement (Excluding the Edge Transport Server) of all Exchange Servers on a single machine FQDN: (IP, and an Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server (Workgroup) on a single machine (IP I have installed ADLDS, Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server, and Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server, and Forefront 2010 TMG with all using the RV016 router DMZ port with the Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server having an internal NIC @ IP and an external NIC @ IP When I installed and deployed Forefront 2010 TMG using both Microsoft TechNet: Installing prerequisites for e-mail protection and Microsoft TechNet: Configuring SMTP routes as helpful guides, the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport and the Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server Subscription was automatic. Also I have a Vista Business 64bit client machine (IP and a Windows7 Ultimate 64bit client machine (IP with Office Professional 2010 Plus installed on each, plus a Print Server (IP With the above LAN configuration, I am using the Cisco RV016 wired 16 port router and forwarding SMTP TCP Port 25, LDAP TCP Port 50389, LDAP UDP Port 50636, and RDP TCP Port 3389 each to (IP through it. My LAN Exchange 2010 Server was setup to the default settings during the installation and then in addition to Administrator, I created two users with each having a mailbox; however, I have not seen any e-mail in the database mailbox a week after installation. With Outlook 2010, I am unable to send or receive any e-mail as Administrator or user. Since I have the Model RV016 Wired 16 Port router forwarding ports to (IP which is the internal NIC for my Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server, I am not sure if that is correct. Please advise if the above procedures are correct. I am looking forward to a reply. Thank you for your time.

Eddie LeFiles

Santhosh Sethumadhavan

The port configuration you mentioned looks good except for the port "LDAP UDP Port 50636", it is TCP 50636. Please have a look at for port directions.

Also, have a look at to verify the configuration (manually verify send and recieive connectors inaddition to the telnet/Test-EdgeSynchronization commands).

Is the internal email flow working? for eg., from a test user to administrator?
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