Queue Viewer - Error 432 4.3.2 mailbox server is offline

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I'm noticing the above error when I'm looking at my queue viewers. The strange thing is that it's only occurring on a few databases. Also, there are several other databases on the server that appear " Ready" ..so that tells me the mailbox server is not really offline.

I can right-click and retry the connection with no issue, but curious as to what would be causing this? I don't see any events logged in the Application Logs.

Anil K Singh

Please run EXBPA against server and check if any alert/error logged in. Did you tried to suspend queue and resume it. You don't have any issue of mail flow ??? right.



Hi Exchange-Guy,
Any update for your issue, please post more infomation for you issue, such as Anil refered.
Per your description, you could retry the connection with no issue, os it is random, do you always could reproduce the issue?
In my opinion, sometimes the connecttion with remote database would be delayed, and cause the issue like your refered.
If you have any more information, we could do more research about it.

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