Outlook 2010: how do I display a preview pane toggle button as in ALL other versions of outlook

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Attempting to configure OL 2010.

I want a preview pane toggle button on the ribbon or elsewhere to display and not display the preveiw pane.

As I have done for more than 10 years, and about 30 of my clients have, I do NOT want the preview pane displayed until I need it. I delete various messages and reply,... without the pane displaying the message body.

I do not want the pane on always. A toggle button is available in all versions of outlook and outlook express.

I can not find the option to display such. Where is it?


Diane Poremsky

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Customize the ribbon (put it on the home ribbon) or the QAT - You can either add the off and right (or bottom) buttons or the reading pane menu. (they don't toggle, so you need 2)

screenshot: http://slipstick.me/jing/preview_001.png

When commands are in the QAT you can use Alt+number to trigger the command.

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