Region bug? get-messagetrackinglog requires US datetime

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James Hale


Exchange 2010, Server 2008 R2 64bit.

I live in Australia, where our date format is dd/mm/yyyy, as opposed to the US mm/dd/yyyy. When I use the EMC GUI to check the message tracking logs, all works fine. If I copy+paste the exact same Exchange Shell command in to the the actual Exchange Management Shell, it complains about the dates. If I swap it around to the US format, it then works and provides the same results as what I get using the Australian date setting in the EMC.

Is there a setting I'm supposed to change? It definitely seems like a bug to me. If it's a bug, where do I report it?




Hi James,

If you run the cmdlet Get-Help Get-MessageTrackingLog -detailed, you will find that the time should be regional format of the computer on which the command is run.

I also test it in my lab.

OS: En Exchange 2010: En

Region and Lanaguage: "Formats" "Location" "Administative" all set to China/Chinese.

When running in the EMC, the time format is "2010/7/16", copy it to EMS, I can run it successfully.

So please set the language to Australia and try again.

P.S: Unfortunately, if I set the region and lanaguage to Australia, the error appears, too.
Frank Wang

James Hale

OK... So, umm, you have confirmed that it is a bug.

So back to my original question, where should I report this bug?
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