Setting up OWA on 2003 SBS

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Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide on setting up OWA in SBS? I'm new to this and having trouble with setting up how my users will get to the login page. My SBS is behind a firewall (I know I'll have to configure that) and I need to figure out how to direct users to the Exchange Server. Internally it works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aaron Marks

I also recommend setting up some sort of easy redirect for your users to remember.


Create a new website in IIS under the Advanced options in the Management console.  Just name the website something like, and then configure it to redirect to the exact address of  Now your users would simply be able to direct their browsers to


In total SBS needs these ports once fully configured properly:


ip/47 (GRE)

tcp/25 (SMTP)

tcp/80 (HTTP)

tcp/443 (HTTPS)

tcp/587 (SSL SMTP)

tcp/993 (SSL IMAP4)

tcp/1723 (PPTP VPN)

tcp/3389 (optional RDP, but helpful for remote admin; especially if you are just getting started out and don't have the VPN working yet)

tcp/4125 (RWW)



Harpreet Singh - Harry

Run the 'internet connections' wizard, there is a stage where it asks what apps you want available from the outside.

Make sure that you choose exchange web access at that step.

Also make sure that you open port 80, 443 on the firewall and forwarded correctly to the SBS box.

Hope this helps.

Harpreet Singh (Harry)


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