Can't print memo style from advanced find in Outlook 2007

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John McGuigan


I have a user who has run into a problem using the Advanced Find function in Outlook 2007. In the past she said she could go into Advanced Find, submit a query, hold down ctrl to select multiple results, right click -> print, select memo style and the results would be printed in memo style. Lately when she does this it won't print, everything looks okay settings wise (and we can print from Outlook and other windows apps) but it seems like the jobs aren't being submitted to the printer. Has anyone else seen this problem before or know how to solve it?




So where does that leave us who paid money and can't even do a simple thing like print the results of an advanced find? I find this totally unacceptable that MS would even put a product on the market that has these kind of bugs, and then not even provide a fix years afterward, guess they just want to get the next product on the market and charge me more for less.
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