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Tim Boggs

We have migrated our users from Public Folders on Exchange 2003 to Shared Mailboxes on Exchange 2007.

On Public Folders, each user could set their own Quick Click category and the setting was retained for that user at all times.

On shared mailboxes, this appeared to be the behavior before Office 2007 SP2. After the SP, users would have to set their quick click every time they opened Outlook or it would revert to the default. This was annoying for users but they adjusted with grumbling.

I was informed of a hotfix for this, but the hotfix actually made it worse, so that whoever changed the quick click changed it for everyone. Needless to say, I didn't deploy the hotfix. Well apparently in this weeks batch of office updates, this hotfix was rolled in.

Does anyone know of a way to get Outlook to retain a per user quick click on a shared mailbox? We use a lot of these and some people really don't like the extra clicking to select their color category. Seems like a simple thing, but when you do it hundreds of times a day, it does add up.

Michael Bauer [MVP]

That's not possible. The difference is, if you access a public folder, Outlook gets the master category list from your mailbox; if you access a shared mailbox, it gets the list from that mailbox. So, whoever changes the master category list of that mailbox does it for all users.Michael Bauer
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