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I am looking for a way to allow my users to select thier from address.  Our exchange server holds mail for multiple domains and our sales people deal with many clients, some that don't know we are running multiple businesses under one roof.  Is there a way in exchange or outlook 2007 or 2003 to allow the users to choose the smtp address to use as the from address.  Windows live mail has this outlook express had this and i am sure outlook would do it as well with multiple accounts and data files but since the smtp addresses are defind in the AD there is no way i know of to accomplish this.





No there isn't a native solution for that.

You can have multiple mailboxes if the user has full access (or receive-as) permissions at these secondary mailboxes, and he can then select them to send email from. But he can't for sample have 10 SMTP addresses and instead of only using his primary SMTP address, select any of the other 9 for sending email.


Anil K Singh

Agree with VeilSidebr, It will change exchange definition. You must have permission use SMTP of other mailbox.

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