Outlook 2007 Advanced Find Does Not Remember 'Search Subfolders' Setting

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In Outlook 2007, after having selected CTRL+SHIFT+F, the "Advanced Find" dialog opens from Outlook 2007 Mail Folders view.  Clicking the "Browse..." button, the "Select Folder(s)" dialog opens.  In the bottom, there is a blank checkbox to enable "Search Subfolders".

It is annoying to have to tick this on each time a search is to be performed.  Previous versions of Outlook had this ON by default - in 2007 it is OFF.

Does anybody have a suggestion/fix/registry hack for this?

Xiu Zhang



The functionality is definitly there, but is only present through instant search, not advanced find.


Besides, Windows Search 4.0 has the ability to search delegate and additional online folders. The Functionality can be enabled through GPO. Details and the download can be found here:


Hope it helps.




What a painful and arrogant annoyance! "We developed something that we developers liked better, so we took something you users liked better away, to force you to see it our way." (Just like the retraction of the Windows Explorer "Up" button. GRRR!!!

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