Windows Mobile Devices Unable to Connect to Exchange 2007 Error 0x85030027

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Since ugrading from Exchange 2003 my windows mobile 6 devices have been unable to connect to my Exchange 2007 server. Error is 0x85030027- The Microsoft Exchange server requires a personal certificate to log on. Please obtain a certificate as directed by your corporation or service provider.
All fixes I have been able to locate online reference Exchange 2003 and have not worked. Exchange 2007 has been set to ignore client certificates from the management console. I am using basic authentication with SSL.


Xiu Zhang


Please check whether you have installed certificate on the device.

Besides, please check the properties of Microsoft-Server-Activesync virtual directory in IIS on the Exchange 2007 server, ensure that you have not selected " Accept Client certificate" . It is required for Cert based authentication only. So please change it to " Ignore Client certificate" .

After that, please run iisreset /noforce from a command prompt.

Hope it helps.



the solution is simple

Make sure the certificate is made for " Ignore" rather than " accept" restart the IIS service and also try to import / install the certificate on your mobile device

hope this should solve the problems.......
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