Change of recipeint/sender display name

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Hi All,

Environment :- Windows 2003 x64 with exchange 2007 (All in one role)

Outlook client :- 2003, 2007

We have created a list of mail contacts (which under GAL) in exchange 2007, these mail contacts are associates with external email address, each of contact has a naming standard for the display name, for example, an external email address is, then standard display name for this contact is HD Finance Manager.

I want to configure outlook client to show the display name according to mail contacts whenever the email address is match to mail contacts list (GAL), for example, an email sent from the email address of, with default reciepient name, but when we receieve the email from this email address, the display should re-match and show our standard display name rather than it default one.

Is the setting need to be done on exchange GAL or outlook client side? Please advise

Please feel free to comment.

Many thanks and very appreciate it.
Not open for further replies.

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