Outlook 2003 gives me the following error: cannot start microsoft office outlook. unable to open outlook window. the set of folders could not be opene

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We are using Exchange 2007 as our email server.  I have a laptop user that gets this message when attempting to start Outlook 2003.  Most of the info I have found regarding this issue points to a corrupted local .pst file.  I have removed the default .pst and .ost files from the users local profile and recreated the mail profile and connection thru Control Panel without success.  I have also attempted to create a new user on a different desktop computer, also without success.  The users mailbox is accessible via our internal URL for OWA.  I'm at a loss at what to do next anyone out there with any ideas.



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Could you please let me know the following questions:


Is it the only user who have this issue?

How your Outlook connects to Exchange, Pop3, imap4 , mapi(Exchange mode) or Rpc over Http?

If you create a new user in AD and setup an account for this new user in the laptop, can it connect to Exchange?


Do you have an ISA 2000 or ISA 2004 installed? If so, check the following KB: 




Please try to move the user's mailbox to another mailbox store in Exchange. You also can try export the mailbox data to a pst and then delete this user in AD and create a new one, then import the data to the new mailbox.


How to export/import mailbox data












I don't try to recreate AD user, case it's not so easy with my user who have same problem, moving to other store doesn't help. But i found what is broken, in my case something affect kerberos auth for the only user. So you can change the last option on security tab to NTLM at mail profile menu (outlook start to work again) and have a time to think about how to fix AD user account.
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