Sending Appointment for Multiple Meetings (but only need to attend one) Outlook 2007

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I have a user that wants to send a calendar appointment to a group of users. She has the conference room reserved for 3 days and the group of people she wants to send the invite to only have to attend one day. Anyone have any clue on how to send an invite for all 3 days in one message, but the user only has to accept one of the days?

Mike Shen



I do not think there is a method to send an appointment for all 3 days but have the user accepts one of the three days. Nevertheless, I think that you can send a Vote message to the group of users and have them choose the day to attend the appointment. Then, send three appointments to specific users.


Note: You can use Tracking feature of Outlook to check which day the user would like to attend the appointment.



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