Problems getting Outlook 2002 to migrate from Exchange 2003 (sbs) to Exchange 2007 (vanilla W2k3 server)

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Hi there,

I'm having a problem retiring my SBS 2003 box due to my inability to completely leave the Exchange 2003 system in the dust.. the damn thing keeps hanging on with a grip of iron!!

My situation history (much simplified) is thus...

Original situation:

1 SBS 2003 server SBS1 with Exchange 2003 and SQL 2000 installed, 1 Terminal Server TS1. User's login to TS1 through Citrix and have access to Office 2002 using Exchange 2003 as their mail server.

Current situation:

Ran SBS Transition Pack 2003 on SBS1, installed SQL 2000 on new W2k3 32bit server SQL1 and moved DB's, Exchange 2007 on new W2k3 64bit server Exchange1 and moved mailboxes and public folders over to Exchange1. User's outlook clients automatically migrated to the new server Exchange1 when their Outlook 2002 clients next started up.

Left SBS1 powered on as a standard W2k3 server in the domain (still a domain controller, still got all FSMO roles on, DNS server) with Exchange 2003 running on it, talking to Exchange1, never got round to uninstalling Exchange 2003 from SBS1. Left all routing connectors on the two Exchange servers, ie the bridgehead routing connectors created from the migration, the original smtp connectors from the SBS box (I changed the cost of the smtp connector that sends mail out thru SBS1 to 90 and made a new SMTP connector on Exchange1 with cost of 5). Made Exchange1 the point of entry and exit for mail on the network/internet.


Planned conclusion to situation:
Create new DC called DC1, dcpromo it, make it a GCS, move all FSMO roles to it.

Shut down SBS1 and test network.

Remove Exchange 2003 from SBS1

Demote SBS1 from DC Controller down to Standard 2003 server.

Remove SBS1 from domain and retire.


Everything's going ok up until the point where I shut down SBS1 and test the network to ensure functionality. When connecting to my TS (Citrix) session on TS1, and run Outlook (connecting to the mailbox on Exchange1), and I send a mail to, say, "testu" (where testuser is my username on the network AND testuser is not currently in my outlook.nk2 file), Outlook 2002 (yes, I know.. 2002 is 7 yrs old now..) hangs while it tries to find a username in the local AD relating to testu. Eventually it figures out that testu relates to testuser, acknowledges it's AD identity as "Test User", and places that into the address list (and my nklookup cache file) and I can send it.


I'm trying to get Exchange 2007 on Exchange1 to not look anywhere near the GCS/AD on SBS1 at this point. I have had success with removing and recreating the mail profile of our test user on the network but I would rather not have to do that for each and every user on the network!

Even if I had applications (and I've already seen them) that do this, we have user's with PST files to think of and each user has access to a 3rd party database plugin for Outlook that cannot be catered for by any of these applications/scripts/PRF files I've seen.

I have been told by MS support that it is probably a problem in the registry settings of the user's mail profile and that I have to recreate the user's mail profile. This has indeed been confirmed but I would like to have the ideal registry settings that need to be changed and change them via login script, causing no hassle to users, in a perfect world.
I've set the configuration domain controller to be DC1 in the Exchange 2007 Management Console and rebooted, this works fine. And makes no change at all to the situation.

And it's driving me NUTS! This is all on my test system so I can play with it as much as required.

Any ideas what's going on at all, learned peeps?

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks very much

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