Automating Outlook setup with login scripts

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Hi I'm creating Outlook to autmatically create a profile upon login via a .prf file of which I have created. I have tested it and it works great, the problem that I now have is that we have multiple sites with different exchange servers. Thus the reason I'm here, is there a way that I can use 1 prf to push out to all sites via a group policy or do I have to create a prf at each site?

Ideally at the end of the day what we want to achieve is to have group policy / script pushing out the prf when a user swaps computers without having to guide them through the steps all the time.



Not sure you have the requirement for Outlook 2003 or 2007....

BTW, there is no script available to automate this - because there is no messaging API exposed for this.

But you can have the workarounds or the correct way to do this.

If this requirement is for Outlook 2003 then, you need to try with PRF files.

Outlook 2003 can use PRF files, they are textfiles describing how the MAPI profile should look like. You need to check out the Office 2003 resource kit for more info

If you try with Outlook 2007 then, you need to use the Office Customization Tool to modify profile settings and create a new PRF file that includes those settings. If you have an existing PRF file then you can specify the file by using the Office Customization Tool, and the Outlook profile settings will be included in your Setup customization file.

If your earlier PRF file specifies Internet Mode Only (IMO) settings, create a new PRF file by using the Office Customization Tool, and then export the settings to a PRF file.


Check if you have the latest SP for Office 2007.


As a security measure, PRF's can only be imported using the /importPRF switch. See for help using switches.


Note :   /importprf prffilename:

Launches Outlook and opens/imports the defined MAPI profile (*.prf). If Outlook is already open, queues the profile to be imported on the next clean launch.


Please check these links:


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Create an Outlook Profile File (*.PRF)


Importing .PRF Files Into Outlook 2007 in Vista


Customizing Outlook Profiles by Using PRF Files

Let me know whether this helps?

DeVa, M.S., {MSFT}


Thanks for the reply let me clear a few things up, we are using MS Outlook 2003, I have created a .prf via the office resource tools.

The issue at hand is I'm looking for a way to roll out / push the ONE prf file accross multiple exchange sites, can this be done via a script that looks for the exchange details or something similar?


Bump, surely someone has done this before across multiple exchange servers?



You can't do this by script. I suggest you can try to see something can be done using GPO. I haven't tried this one :)DeVa, M.S., {MSFT}

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