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In Outlook 2007, there seems to be the facility to prevent recipients from either 'reply-all' or forwarding an email, as per article below:

The article states that this can be achieved by either using a Custom Form or an Information Rights Management (IRM) server.

Couple of questions on this:

i) For the Custom Form - would I be correct in saying that the user has to create this form, and it affects emails that this user sends only? There is no Custom Form that we can create for the domain, OU, specific users etc?

ii) For IRM, does there have to be one IRM server in the entire AD forest, per domain, per site of Exchange server etc? I'm not sure.

We are running Exchange 2007 SP1.

Thanks for any help.


Thanks, do you know the answer to my question re the Custom Forms? ...where are they published to? Can only the user who created the form access it, or anyone in the Exchange org/AD forest?


Sure, thanks, but where are these forms held and who can access/edit them?

Are the forms local to the Outlook user, are they held per Exchange server, per AD domain, per Exchange org etc?

We have two child domains, and, under our forest root. Per domain, there are multiple AD sites with Exchange 2007 Exch servers. I would like to know the scope of these forms?


Thanks Andy.

So looking at the article you quoted and also which applies to Exchange 2003, would I be correct in saying that in:

Exchange 2007: There is only one Organisational Forms Library for the entire Exchange org
Exchange 2003: There is one Organisational Forms Library per Adminstrative Group

So, in an Exchange 2007 environment, if we implemented the Custom Form for No Replies/ Forwards (as per this is something that would be available/seen by the entire Exchange org? Wouldn't the person that created this form need Exchange Org Admin rights?

Is there no way of, say, having a different Organisation Forms Library per AD site or AD domain?

Thanks again guys.


AndyD_ [MVP]

In theory you could segregate  Org Forms Libraries by blocking public folder referrals between sites, but I would recommened against that.  (There can be only one library per language) Having one Org Library for the entire company and naming the forms appropriately will keep things simple and not cause you any issues in the future.

You dont need to be an Exchange Org admin to publish. You could give a group or user publisher permissions to the org library form folder.


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