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We have a new employee that is trying to send e-mails in Japanese via OWA and cannot do so, he gets a message from OWA saying something regarding language support on the server. I've installed East Asia language pack on his laptop already. I suspect I have to install some sort of language pack on the Exchange box? I already have Japanese users sending e-mails in Japanase via Outlook clients on their local machines, perhaps this is something I have to adjust in the IE then? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Exchange 2003 on Small Business Server 2003.

Jacek Gawecki

Hi Raj,

Thank you for your input. I was able to trace it where the issue actually begins.

First of all, it's an XP SP3 with all the recent updates. He's using IE8 so I was not able to install the language pack you've provided the link for.
I can send the e-mails via OWA until I set the Regional Options to Japanese. With East Asia language pack installed, OWA sends e-mails without an issue, but once I change the regional options, I get the message saying the server doesn't support it when press the send button.

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