OWA -unable to access externally

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Setup - (equipment/services on network involved)

1- Watchguard Firebox, 1-Windows 2003 Server (pdc), 1- Exchange 2007 server, And a hosting services that reserves a parked domain name for us.

Problem: We are unable to access OWA externally. You can access it internally, or create a VPN if your outside the FB and connect to OWA via I.E, but if you are say at home and go to the address that we put in the external address box under Client Access - OWA properties. It says page not responding. I have double checked IIS settings, We have our FB set to allow any https:-->, we also have our public IP set to go directly to our exchange server.

I realize this could be a broad topic of discussion considering all that could be involved.

But I am pretty sure it has something to do with how our hosting services transmits or maybe i need to setup another host record on our DNS server, um.... open for any suggestions
Thanks !!


Elie Bou Issa

Make sure to have the below:

From your hosted provider, have an A record for your external OWA address pointed to your Exchange public IP.

From the firebox, have NAT configured from the public IP to your Exchange 2007 internal IP.

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Xiu Zhang


First please verify if you have firewall infront of your exchange Server.
Please verify if you have proper(25 and 443) port open for Exchange Server on firewall.
Please ensure that you have the correct DNS record(MX record,A record) for the Exchange Server.You can use Nslookup to check it.

Using NSlookup.exe

Configuring DNS Settings for Exchange 2007 Servers<!---->


What is the certificate type? Self-signed? From third party?

"We have our FB set to allow any https:-->,"

What do you mean FB?

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