Outlook 2007 and Onenote integration - meetings / appointments automatically changed to recurring

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Matt Bastek

Had a customer of ours that stumbled upon what seems to be a bug with Outlook and Onenote integration. The customer is running Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007. We are running Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2007 and can recreate the issue as well.

Here's the steps to reproduce:
1. Create a one-time, non-recurring Outlook appointment, save it.
2. Open the appointment again and then click the "Meeting Notes" OneNote button (upper-right)
3. This will launch Onenote (if not already opened) and (as long as you have already saved the appointment) will have a “Link to Outlook item” link.
4. Click the "Link to the Outlook item" link. This will open the item automatically (or change window focus to it if it is already open)
5. At this point, simply clicking "Save" will result in a RECURRING MEETING.

I"ve tried clicking the link, then adding and removing recurrence, then saving. It still saves it as a recurring meeting.

I've seen only a couple different people post about this via google searches:

No good answers for either.

Anyone have any input on this?


Xiu Zhang


From my lab,I can reprodue the issue. So far, I try to report the issue to product team.

I will post here if I get any update on the issue.



I have confirmed this same behavior occurs in the Office 2010 public beta
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