Exchange server 2007 and activesync issues with Windows Mobile 6.5 devices

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Mark Gosney

We have an Exchange 2007 sp 1 setup that is accessed from the Internet using an ISA 2005 firewall. We also use the Windows Mobile security features built into Exhange 2007. these features are set to the standard IT security policy that ships with Exchange. We have recently purchased HTC HD2 devices that are running Windows Mobile 6.5 and we are now having issues with syncing these devices up to the exchange front-end server inside our ISA server firewall. Activesync on the Windows Mobile 6.5 device returns an error of "Service Code: 0x85010013". Activesync does not attempt to initiate the procedure that applies the security settings on the Windows Mobile 6.5 device and the sync process dies.

The Activesync service works fine for all our Windows Mobile 6.1 devices and below. I have upgraded all the Windows Mobile 6.5 devices to the latest updates from HTC.

Are there any patches or hotfixs for Exchange 2007 or ISA that sort this issue out?

Any help would be useful.


Wayne Phillips. [MVP]

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server using a Exchange 2003 Front End Server is not a great way to go. Is that just a typo ? You should be using an Exchange 2007 CAS server.

How many other 6.5 devices have to tried ? Maybe it's a hardware issue. You shouldn't need to do anything special to get 6.5 device working.

Check your ISA logs. It has some really easy monitoring tools. Open the logging section and try to isolate the ActiveSync traffic. you should be able to see the 6.5 devices connecting.

Test using the site, this should give you a good health report.

Cheers Wayne
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