Strange resource and calendar booking issues with moved/changed meetings

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We are getting very strange issues with around 30 users in our Head Office. It may be because they are the heaviest users of calendars and resources, maybe because some have Blackberry and Secretraries - or maybe they are just more likely to complain...
We have Exchange 2007 SP1 and Outlook 2003 SP3. We have 1200 users in 65 offices and 2 Exchange mailbox servers, one CAS/HT server. We have one AD domain (2003 mode) and a meshed WAN with 1Mbps to 54Mbps links. Blackberry server. We have no other relevant versions or integrations other than what I have just listed.

1. When users book meetings, they invite other attendees and resources. For most cases, this works well, but some attendees complain that they do not get an invitation - only a "tentative" appointment in their calendar.

2. Resources will reply with an "accepted" email, but then in the appointment Tracking tab of the organizer, it shows responses as "none" for the resources.

3. Resources will reply with an accepted email, and are configured to not allow conflicts, but will sometimes not update free/busy with information and other people can invite it to meetings - but the subsequent organizer gets no response from the resource.
4. When an organizer updates a recurring meeting, some attendees will get the updated email 2 or even 3 times. Some attendees get no update at all.
5. A meeting organizer makes a time change to a meeting, and all attendees get an update, but the originator still sees the meeting at the original time
6. When a meeting is moved, some attendees' calendars will show the updated meeting, and for others the meeting is changed to tentative. Users claim that this occurs without their interaction for either case.
7. When a recurring meeting has one instance changed, some attendees will not get the changed time reflected in their calendar, even if they see an email and accept the change.
8. The meeting organizer opens an existing recurring appointment, and they get no Scheduling tab, no Tracking tab and the "Send Update" button only says "send" - so this then creates a duplicate for all attendees except the organizer.

The only one we have been able to replicate is issue 2 - in Outlook 2003 it will show "none" for the resources even when the resources are booked. Outlook Web Access (2007) will display it correctly, however.

The problem for us is that we cannot consistenly replicate the problem, so when we check out the accounts (users, mailboxes and resources), we cannot see any difference between them.

Has anyone got any idea what we could look at next?
Has anyone experienced these problems too?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

I don't have an obvious solution for you but with regards to item #2 it sounds like Outlook is not properly processing the response receipt. Any chance those users are having Outlook force received mail into plain text? (SWAG).

What anti-virus software are you using? Do you have the A/V software scanning incoming messages? You might try disabling that feature, as a test, and see if the problem persists.

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