OWA address book not displaying

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One of my coworkers was fallowing an article on how to segment GALs (http://www.msexchange.org/articles_tutorials/exchange-server-2007/management-administration/address-lists-exchange-2007-part1.html). In the article it says to apply and deny permission within the "All global address lists". Unfortunately she had to stop half way through the first article but now when you go into OWA address book there are no addresses at all. Outlook clients can pull addresses no problem. OWA clients can search for email no problem. Does anyone have an idea on how to apply a default address list to OWA for everyone to see?

EDIT: I am running exchange 2007 on windows 2008.


Narayan Singh

Please check the permission on the GAL, if any deny permission please remove it.



Permissions have been put back to they way they where before.

What I found interesting is that when I drill down to the all global address lists and clicked on CN=Default Global Address List properties there are absolutely no attributes to be seen, it is completely blank. Looks like the GAL has been either corrupted or modified. Is there any way to restore the default GAL?