Outlook 2007 - Out of Office Reminder keeps popping up though being disabled

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Dear all,

my Out of Office wizard keeps reminding me of disabling my Out of Office notifications. This is weird as I have disabled my Out of Office notification already. But Outlook still thinks it's active. Out of Office notifications are not being sent to any email sender but the reminder keeps popping up every day at least once.

Any ideas?


AndyD_ [MVP]

Export any rules and start Outlook with the /cleanrules switch and see if that fixes it.


Richard Wang


If the issue still appears after you start the outlook with /cleanrules, please try to use the below methods to disable the rule:

1. Try to turn the OOF on and save it in OWA, then turn it off again and save it.

2. Please check whether user had set the OOF on mobile device or not.

3. Please use MFCmapi to verify if user had enable the OOF

4. Please use Mdbvu32.exe to find the rule for OOF and delete it.

More detail about the use of MFCmapi and Mdbvu32:




Your expertise never fails to impress :)