continual logon box poping up on Outlook 2007

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When a laptop leaves our netowrk and logons on to a home network the user can access our Ex 2007 server with no issues. when the laptop returns to our network, it will begin to ask for logons repetitivley. we are using the MAPI and rpc over http.

What we have done: we have traced the issue to the autodiscovery service. we think that auto discovery is corrupting the profile. when the profile is rebuild, everything works until the laptop login in to a foregne network and back to the local network.

We have been through PSS and they haven't really answered the issue.

Our solution is to upgrade to outlook 2010, we don't want to do this until we were ready.

anyone see this before?

Rick G



Does the issue only happen to a single laptop?

How did you trace the issue to AutoDiscover?

What"re the proxy settings in the outlook client?

“If Outlook does not connect to the Autodiscover service, the Outlook layer will reconnect every 5 minutes because the URLs for the available Exchange services are cached in memory on the local computer”

---------Refer to <White Paper: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service>

Does the user keep the laptop in the hibernation when returns to the office?

James Luo

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