Outlook Calendaring Issue : Meeting 'Not Current', unable to accept meetingupdates.

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We have 2 admin assistants for two different executives.
Assistant "A" had scheduled a reccuring meeting earlier this year on behalf of her Boss "A" and invites was sent to 6 individuals including Boss "B" and assistant "B"
Assistant B had accepted that meeting and the meeting was appearing on B's calendars.
Last week Assistant "A" rescheduled one occurance of the reoccuring meeting and sent the invite to everyone.
It appears that everyone except Boss B and assistant B's calendar is not getting updated.
The update meeting message says on top : Meeting "not current" and there are no option to accept the meeting.
Also displayed a message stating: "This meeting request was updated after this message was sent. You should open a later update or open the item on the calendar."
If you click on "not current" it will bring up a pop up message : The meeting request is out of date and will now be deleted.
This removes the update message from inbox but does not updates the meeting in the calendar.
Its causing issues of missing meetings for Boss .
Assistant B is using Outlook 2007 SP2 and is in the same time zone as of Assistant "A"
Boss B is using Outlook 2010.
This message of meeting not current started recently.
Please suggest a way out
Not open for further replies.