Outlook not running rules automatically

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I am running Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003. I have a client that has a few rules set up in her Outlook. The rules should run automatically but they do not. They work fine if you open the rules and run them manually. These are just basic rules that move emails from certain people or with specific words in the subject to another folder. I have tried edited the rules, repairing Office, Updating Office completely, recreated her .ost file, created a new Outlook profile. None of these have worked. Any ideas?


Hi Bryan,

How about your question? Any updates?

How many rules does the user have?

If the user open mailbox using OWA, the same error?

You can also export all rules, delete all, create a simple one to test whether it works.

Frank Wang

Greg Hamlyn

Hi Bryan and Frank

I have the same environment and issue, I have tried Jinesh's suggestion and it hasn't resolved the issue. I only have 3 rules. 2 look at accounts that they arrive from and moves to a folder and the other looks for words in subject and then moves to a folder. They all work fine if I edit the rule and check the box to run the rule now and applied but don't work automatically

FYI before reading the forums, I had just upgraded pc to win 7 (however it happens on another colleagues xp pc) I created new mail profiles for both, I deleted the rules and recreated I even deleted the accounts on the exchange servers and recreated them. For some reason I can"t get them to work. My rules worked fine until I upgraded pc"s my colleagues was working until we had to reimage the laptop.
Any help would be appreciated



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