Exchange 2010 services all fail after KB982639 Rollup 4, rollback causes WinRM client problems and services problems

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I've posted this question here as well; Exchange Server Forums > Exchange Software Updates > not sure were it's beloning <mod?>

I've updated a perfectly good working Exchange 2010 server with KB982639 Rollup 4 today, only to find disaster. The update completed, but after the restart all Exchange services and W3SVC/IISADMIN were disabled. Starting them manually did no good. I then rolled back (deinstall) the rollup4, restarted and made all exchange services start again by hand (delayed restart). This, thank God, helped.

Now I wanted to connect to EMC, only to find more sjit. When searching for the on-premises exchange server first the W3SVC wasn't started, after I did that the WinRM client failed. I've searched here and followed some related cases, like reinstalling (or installing acually) WinRM. Now it's running, but WinRM cannot process the request; it cannot determine the content type of the http response etc. etc. Powershell has (of course) the same problem. Exchange runs, but unmanaged.

So, of to IIS... but the /PowerShell virtual has errors; the filename \\?\C:\Program Files\Exchange Server\v14\CleintAccess\PowerShell\web.config has error: blank.... yes, no error for the error :(.

Kinda lost here, any any any help appreciated.

Brett D Whittaker

When attempting to install Exch2010 RU 4 onto a Role Server with only Unified Messaging on it I also received the same error...

Product: Microsoft Exchange Server - Update 'Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 (KB982639) 14.0.702.1' could not be installed. Error code 1603.

However, all the services appears to restart fine. Just not sure what to do ....
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