emails sent in HTML format printing problem

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In Office 2003 when I try and print a copy of a sent message in HTML format it cuts off the right hand side of the text message. When I try and print landscape it will print the message line across the page but cuts off part of the message. I have tried this in rich text format and it will print the entire sent message correctly. If anyone can help me on this I would be very grateful.

Sachin Shetty

Which operating system do you use?

Use a different printer such as Microsoft Document Image Writer or XPS document Writer.

Select the Print Preview feature in Outlook and verify the result.


Hello Sachin,

My problem started shortly after I received some MS updates. The same problem exists in web pages as well as outlook emails. Nothing changes if I adjust print paramaters, it still cuts off the right hand side.

Also sort of unrelated, but my laptop seems to be busy ever since those updates came down. It seems that when I move the mouse, this "program" decides to act and holds up my progress. The hard drive seems to be "seeking" every two seconds. I am wondering how long this hard drive will last under these conditions. This "program" holds up everything I want to do. This laptop used to be faster.

Hal Swinhart

Dell Inspiron with Win 7

Outlook 2003

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

32-bit or 64-bit Win7? How much RAM do you have? Do you have the most recent print drivers installed for your printer? Did you try what Sachin suggested and change to a different printer and see how preview looks?
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