Changing the default value for 'Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button'

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In outlook 2010, if you make a change to an email account (eg: the display name or the display email address etc..) there is a tickbox on the right hand side titled "Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button" which is always ticked by default.

I need to be able to disable that because I change the display name on my email very regularly as part of my work (software testing) and need to be able to do so quickly without waiting for the test email to be sent and I should not have to untick this box everytime..

Does anyone know what registry key controls this setting?


AFAIK there is no workaround yet.. Probably lets wait for others to check this post!

Niyamath Khan

Unfortunately it is not possible to set the box for "Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button" as unchecked by default.

You need to uncheck the box manually every time you change the display name.


I have to say that i HATE this change cuz, i have to make changes to the 'from' email every now and then and when i forget to uncheck the box it pops up that annoying window.

Why did microsoft have to do this annoying change.

I wish there was a way to 'do not prompt me to test again'


I'm in the same boat..

I am certain there's a registry setting to override this, it's common sense from a software development point of view that if you have a default functionality that a user can opt out of, then you would map it to a registry key (or a setting elsewhere in the software) to manage it.

I just don't think that it's documented anywhere and hence I don't think we'll get an answer on this site :)

If only one of the office devs would read this post or if we can get one of the support techs to escalate it..

Unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to dream right?
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