Outlook 2003 - Changing the Behavior of Drag/Drop from Move to Copy?

I have been asked the following by a user who dragged a Contact from one folder to another, wondering why it disappeared from its original location:

"That doesn't seem to me to be the right behavior; it seems to me that it should copy to my contacts..." He further wrote: "I would have expected that the behavior would be like dragging files from one drive to another (e.g., from c: to m:). When you do that, it's a copy, not a move. Now I realize that dragging contacts is a different thing technically from dragging files, so my question is, can the default behavior be to copy, not move? (I realize this depends on what Windows allows.) I imagine that contacts get "lost" this way inadvertently from time to time."

Is there a way to change the behavior of drag/drop?