How to create an Outlook rule that checks if I'm sending outside my companies domain?__

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James Hanley

How do I create a rule in outlook that will prevent sending an email if the message is for a recipient outside my companies domain?

Brian Tillman

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That's an action best performed on the outgoing server, in my opinion. If you're using Exchange, you could create a rule that looked for "@" in the recipient's address, but if you had an inside and an outside address, the message wouldn't be sent to the inside address and not the outside address. The rule would prevent both. On top of that, the sender could simply disable the rule.

James Hanley

This is more for my own benefit (as an end user) to prevent the accidental forwarding of items going beyond the company network. I want to be able to raise a flag of forwarding a message that has a few keywords in it to an external source. I know I could always disable it, but I want to ensure that dissemination of communications to my colleagues actually goes /only/ to my colleagues.

Can I actually have the rule raise a flag or some dialog when the rule matches? It seems like I can only defer delivery (by 120 minutes max.)

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