I would like to send a task with a reminder that pops up every hour.

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Fred Jackson III

I would like to know how to assign a task (or alternatively send a meeting invitation) in Outlook 2007 that has a reminder that pops up every hour. I already know how to send a meeting invitation with a reminder and I know how to send a task with a flag but these items only allow one reminder pop-up. I need a way to assign a task with a reminder that will display a pop-up message every hour (or every five minutes or some variable amount of time). The pop ups should stop at the time specified for the task finish time and date. For example, I send a meeting invitation at 12 noon on July 24 for an emergency meeting scheduled for 3 PM. Since this is not a meeting that's regularly scheduled and has some sense or urgency to it, I'd like a reminder to pop-up at 30-minute intervals (i.e., 12:30 PM, 1 PM, 1:30 PM, 2 PM, 2:30 PM and 3 PM) so participants aren't likely to overlook the meeting. (To simplify this example, let's just assume the sender and recipients are all in the same time zone.) I'm hoping the solution exists within the Outlook application since loading third-party software on our machines is strictly forbidden. I do know VBA, however, and a VBA solution would be an acceptable alternative.


Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

Nothing like this is built into the product, and since Outlook VBA is not something designed to be transferred to other machines, a VBA solution isn't really practical. What you'd need to design instead is an add-in installed on each machine that watches for new appointments with some particular characteristic that distinguishes them from ordinary appointments and also watches for changes to those appointments and for the reminders they fire, to make sure they aren't snoozed or dismissed.

IMO, the whole scenario sounds like it would be overly intrusive on users. Technical solutions seldom solve underlying personnel problems, such as employees not showing up for meetings.


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