Is it possible (with some sort of add-in or any method) to have a task view that displays all tasks from all task lists.



I have a range of task lists in outlook. This includes a local (default) task list, a list associated with my connected winodws live account and a number of lists connected to a sharepoint site. I would like to be able to see all of the tasks in all of these lists in a single view so i can get an overview of all of the tasks.

I want to be able to see tasks regardless of whether they are assigned to me or not, and regardless of any other fields.

Surely this is a very powerful feature?

Brian Tillman

Senior Member
Unfortunately, it appears you cannot see multple tasks folders in a single view like you can overlay calendar folders. At least, I don't see that ability.


Thanks for the reply, even if it only confirmed my problem is a feature not a bug. Do you think it is something that could be made possible with any sort of extension to outlook?

Also, does Outlook 2010 have the same problem?

My To-Do list currently displays tasks that are assigned to me from multiple task folders , so the functionality is clearly there.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

It is not possible to view multiple "Task" folders side by side in Outlook 2010 either.


Thanks for the reply. I have decided to put of the tasks in a single list and use the company field to distinguish between different projects. Now I can set up views that include all tasks.