Migrate Public Folder (Exchange 2007 --> Exchange 2010)



We are migrating between two domains - One domain is at Exchange 2007 org level and the new domain is at Exchange 2010 Org level. Is it possible to migrate public folder data/permissions from the Exchange 2007 and then import this into the new Exchange 2010 org?


A new Public Folder database needs to be created on the new Exchange 2010 server. Public Folder replication needs to take place to replicate from the Exchange 2007 public folders to the Exchange 2010 Public Folders.


From this link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd876873.aspx

Database portability is for Exchange 2010 mailbox databases only. Public folder databases aren't portable. This is because replication between public folder databases is controlled by each database being linked to and accessed through a specific server. The preferred way to move public folder data between servers is to use public folder replication to replicate it to a different server. If you instead simply copy a public folder database to a different server, it will no longer replicate with other databases.

Jonas Andersson [MCITP]

Or else, if you don't have VERY much data, export the PF to a PST file and import it in the new environment

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Thanks - but it is giving me almost like an "access denied" as I believe I don't have access to the top level so when I go to do a import it does nothing.



The issue I am having is getting access to the top level Public folder in order to import? I cannot find any articles on how to do this, it seems Exchange 2010 is different than Exchange 2007 when it comes to granting access to the top level.


Hi sabo_e
How do you import the data into the exchange 2010 database?
Per my known, One can't use import-import data to a public folder or public folder database, you could refer to below:
But per my known, I could use a account which as a member of the public folder management role group, and then use outlook to move the folder to the public folder database. Please test it.


We had to do each public folder individual and there was a switch on the import that helped. Thanks for the reply. This is has been resolved.