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Greg Verrier

I was getting errors 4350, so I went to my junk options cleared the all the lists...now I am getting these errors...and I continue to have limit connectivity with regards to hotmail...dont get it because my connectivity is excellent and have no problem with other web applications

Ganesh Kumar N

Follow the steps and see how it works:-

1. In Outlook, navigate to the OLC account by displaying the OLC inbox.

2. Go to the ribbon, select Junk >> Junk Mail Options.

3. In the Safe Senders and Blocked Senders tab, look for any addresses or domains that are listed in both lists.

4. Remove these conflicts from both lists.

5. If you do not see any conflicts, log onto the Hotmail account on the web.

6. View your Hotmail inbox and select Options >> More Options to the top right of the inbox.

7. Under Junk E-mail, select “Safe & Blocked Senders”.

8. Look for addresses that are listed in both lists and remove them.

9. Sync Outlook and check.

Ganesh Kumar N