Switched from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 Calendar having problems

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Swamp Kitty

I have been using Outlook 2003 for years. I made the switch to Outlook 2007 last week. Two things I am encountering are: I currently keep my schedule and my 3 managers schedules on 1 master calendar that we share. I have always set recurrences for each of us for each day with just our names to save from typing in the person's name on each calendar day of the year. After I do this, I have all 4 of our names on each day of the year. I then click on each individuals name and beside their name I type in where I want them to work each day. Example: Smith-Charlotte NC and Jones-Raleigh NC. and I have been able to switch color categories on each day for each person by the day. Now on 2007 when I type in a color category change it changes every day for that person for entire recurrence for entire year. Also, when I type in the new town on a different day it will not save what I am typing in, within 1 minute it automatically changes back to what was there before i changed it. Secondly, is there any way in the monthly calendar to see maybe 4 weeks instead of 5 weeks so each day on the monthly calendar can be a larger size? I am sure I have a setting incorrect somewhere, but after researching for hours, I need your help? Please be so kind to give me good advice. Thanks in Advance

Guruprasad Ra

What is the email account type configured in Outlook (POP3, IMAP or an Exchange)?
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