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I have 2 accounts set up on my Outlook 2003. One is hotmail, using Outlook Connector, the other is a POP account. Both work absolutely fine sending and receiving except for one little niggle. In the 'sent items' folder for each, I've used the field chooser to add a column for the 'email account'. The sent items folder for the POP account correctly shows the POP account name in this column, but the POP account name is also shown in this column in the hotmail sent items folder. Emails received by others from me show the correct email account they were sent from, but the columns in my views aren't correct.

This used to work correctly on an XP Home machine until I migrated it all to a Win7 Home Premium machine.

It's not critical, but is this something which can be corrected?



Well as so often happens, I found a solution myself.

The POP account was set as the default. When I changed it to the Hotmail account, the columns started working correctly. I can remember changing it as I use Access to call Outlook, and it was choosing the Hotmail account (the default) when I wanted the POP account. Now I've to decide which inconvenience I can live with, or search for some code to allow me to choose the account to send from.

Why this should happen I've no idea...