Windows 2008 Standard SP2 and Exchange 2010

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For a single Exchange 2003 environment using ISA as a Front-End, will an upgrade to Exchange 2010 Standard on Server 2008 Standard installed on two servers, using Forefront TMG as a front-end and a NAS for the database be a sufficient upgrade for under 200 mailboxes and no immediate plans to upscale the environment?

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Amit Tank [MVP]

I would be sufficient for 200 mailboxes from the sizing prospective however you can take a look at Mailbox Server Role Requirement Calculator to get exact idea by providing inputs of your server parameters.

Just keep in mind that you won't be having any redundancy if any of the server goes down using this configuration.

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Michel de Rooij

Depends on your expectencies, but normally I would say you're fine with 200 mailboxes.

However, NAS devices aren't supported. If the NAS device supports iSCSI use that (iSCSI = block level = supported, NAS = file-level / SMB = unsupported). Also check it meets performance expectations etc (like you normally would).
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Thank you Amit and Michel,

I inadvertently stated a NAS when I meant SAN, actually an Equallogics. With this clarification in mind, redundancy should not be an issue, if I am correct. If not please advise.


The redundancy that Amit is talking about is with the specific server roles and database copies. So for complete HA/redundancy in Exch 2010 you would need to at least two instances of each Exchange role (MB, HUB, CAS). MB uses DAG and would have at least two database copies. HUB is redundant by default by having at least two. The CAS can be configured in an array and can be load balanced by either NLB or a hardware loadbalancer. Keep in mind that with a 2 server configuration, you can't have MB HA and CAS HA without using a hardware load balancer. As far as capacity goes, you should be good supporting 200 users on a single server with all roles installed (assuming the hardware requirements there)
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