Syncing Outlook 2010 Calendar With Office Live (Or other Online Calendar)

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I am stumped and it is KILLING me!

I have Outlook 2010 (on a Widnows 7 pro machine). I want to sync my local and personal (not through an Exchange server) Oulook calendar with some online option - preferably one like WindowsLive / OfficeLive where I can view and edit it from my iPhone. I do NOT want to sync my cal w/ the iPhone cal because I do not like the way it ports info (i.e. minus category color coding).

I have downloaded the MS Outlook connector app and installed it. The first time, it worked perfectly - I was prompted for my Hotmail account. Unfortunately, what that did was to create a duplicate copy of my mail account. I deleted the dupe, which apparently also was the only way it understood to connect to Windows Live. Now I can't get it to prompt me for the account again. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and restarted then reinstalled - you name it. No dice.

PLEASE - can someone just tell me how I can have an online calendar - preferably not Google (other issues w/ having to have three million calendars to have the same color coding for groups as I have in Outlook) that syncs w/ my Outlook 2010 calendar? Can this REALLY be that hard a question???? Gah!

Laura / Happy-Magpie

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