Unable to Right-Click Calendar Entries

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Since switching to Office 2007, I've experienced a problem of not being able to right-click calendar entires. In Office 2003, I could right-click a meeting and delete it or do a few other things. With Office 2007, for some reason, when I right-click, nothing happens. I think I asked about this several months ago, but lost track of the posting, so I'm asking again.

Any suggestions?


Ruchi Bisht

This issue can be due to 2 reasons. The outlook data file (PST file) might be damaged or the calendar entries might be corrupt.

Step 1:

Scan and repair the PST file and check if it helps:


Step 2:

Try the below mentioned steps:

1. Open Outlook.

2. Click File->import and Export .

3. Select Export to file and click next.

4. Select the Outlook data file (.pst)->next.

5. Select calendar->next.

6. Click browse and save the calendar to desktop.

7. Click next and finish.

8. Now open calendar in Outlook. Click View - All Appointments.

9. Select all the entries(CTRL+A) and click delete at the top in the tool bar.

10. Click File->import and Export .

11. Click Import from another program or file->next.

12. Select the Outlook data file (.pst)->next.

13. Select calendar->next.

14. Click browse and select the calendar saved on the desktop.

15. Click next ->finish.

16. Try doing a right click on calendar entries and check if that works.

Ruchi Bisht


I have no calendar entries...The process did not change the problem...

Ruchi Bisht

If no calendar entry is available in Outlook 2007 calendar then where did you try to use right-click



Just wanted to confirm that the comment above regarding no calendar entries was posted by someone else. Thank you for your troubleshooting tips, and I'm hoping to be able to work through them sometime in the next few days and will let you know how it goes.


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