Outlook 2010 Wierd Error message, Mobileme related?

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I used to use Outlook 2003 until today when i bought Office 2010 (professional edition). I use Apples Mobileme as my email/contacts/calender provider which worked just fine in 2003.

When i first ran Outlook earlier after 2010 installation it popped up an error which made no sense so i clicked it away. Now all the time in Outlook the same error message keeps coming up, whether i be in contacts / calender etc? I have a hunch its related to Mobileme syncing as my calendars dont seem to be working in Outlook?

The error box popup is very small and the title-bar says "SetupMesageService" and the error is just:


So i have no idea from that message what its about or means? Even an hour goggling hasn't bought up any answers which is unusual with windows errors.


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