Recently upgraded from Office 2003 to 2010. Old pst files were imported into 2010. Now have 8 sets of Contact folders and numerous locations of e-ma

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The eight sets of Contact folders are displayed when I click 'To' for an address to compose an e-mail. I always have to click on the correct Contact list, even though most are empty folders. I did remove the empty and unused Contacts folders but then old e-mail folders were deleted as well. I only want one active Contacts list.

I really only want one active location for all of my e-mail folders. There are numerous e-mail folders under my e-mail address name (active & I want to keep), archive (keep), archive1 (keep), outlook (keep), and Outlook Data (empty). Should I just move these multiple folders into the main (e-mail address) folders?

Roady [MVP]

There was no need to import your original pst-file in the first place. You can open pst-files directly in Outlook via;
File-> Open-> Open Outlook Data File...

You can move around your data to the folders within the pst-file that you want them to go. Once done, go to;
File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings-> tab Data Files

Here, select your pst-file containing all the data and set it as the default (restart Outlook if prompted). You can also remove the pst-files that you do no longer want to be linked in Outlook (note that the actual pst-files are not deleted).
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