bug in converting eml files of wlm on import to outlook 2010

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Johannes Hamman

I don't want to rant about windows live mail (WLM) I just want to rid my life of it permanently.

To this end I bought Outlook 2010 as part of Home and Business.

Followed all the instructions to get my precious mail out of WLM into Outlook msg pst.

Then I noticed that the last month or so all the emails have "dead" headers. The To, From, CC and BCC show names but if you try to select, hover or click - nothing no contact details, no email addresses. You can not reply to these either as the name does not resolve.

Older emails are fine? Weird!? More digging and I found this was exactly the date when I upgraded from Vista and Windows Mail to Win7 and found no mail client and had to download this stupid WLM (sorry did say I don't want to rant).

Tried a bunch of other ways to import no luck.

Found some "free to download" but not so free to use eml convertors that worked fine. Except to do all my emails and would have to buy them.


Why on earth is Outlook2010 not able to convert the eml of WLM correctly?


You did FILE-EXPORT-MESSAGES from Windows Live Mail to Outlook in the first place, or did you use some other non-standard method?

Johannes Hamman

I installed Outloot 2010

I opened Outlook 2010 and made sure there was a pst folder (skipped creating a mail account - I had to create the later as WLM export the account in a format that Outlook can't use)

Open WLM. pressed alt to access the file menu export->messages and selected exchange

Select all folders (default)

Stuff happend ... done

Checked Outlook folders were there so was mail, but this range of email had dead headers.

Since I have found I can browse in explorer to where WLM store the eml files and open it with outlook just fine, even save one by one as msg with a working header! It is just going to take foreeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrr.

Johannes Hamman

That is what I did, but will try it again tonight with a new profile as you suggest. 2nd time lucky or like Einstein said trying the same thing and expecting a dif result is the def of insanity.

Johannes Hamman

okay bottom line can't get this to work. What should be simple and straight forward is anything but.

I copied the WLM dir to a machine with Vista. Drag'nDrop the emls into Windows Mail. The only thing you loose seem to be the read unread status. WM Export failed due to failed initialization of MAPI (wow can my luck get any worse). Outlook Import works (go figure) and the mail arrived with working headers. Copied the pst to new machine. Job done 3 days later! This free rubbish is not free.

So I don't think the problem is Outlook. Why? Well Since the interaction is on Win7 between Outlook2010 and (this idiotic) WLM that give the problem and on Vista it worked it must be that Worlds Lousiest Mail client.

I am not sure I got all my mail so I am going to try one more approach. I am going to uninstall WLM and reinstall it. Probably going to be a total waste of time, bandwidth and sleep.


I see Microsoft support is as valuable as OS help files. Johannes, did you ever find a solution to this mess?
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