Cannot find Contacts Folder or Calendar in side bar

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I had to buy a new computer as mine crashed. My new machine runs Windows 7 and my office suite is Office 2003. I had a computer repair service transfer my document files and contacts to my new computer.

The problem I am now having is that in the side bar I do not have my contacts folder (the head with a buisness card) or my calendar and cannot get find them anyplace. I have tried going through help but that does not lead me in the right direction.

What I need is someone to please tell me how I can get my contacts and my calendar to appear in the side bar.

Note: when I click on add folder in the section where do I want the new folder to appear I can see the my contacts icon and if I click on it I can see the sub contact folders in it so I know my contacts are there I just cannot find them anywhere or make them visible in the side bar. If I open new mail and cllick on contacts it cannot find that folder please help


Ganesh Kumar N

Are you able to view the inbox on the side bar?

If you don"t see the side bar, click on view and select navigation pane and see if you can see the contacts and calendar folders in the side bar.

Check if you have two different personal folders in Outlook. If you have two different personal folders, go to Contacts-> right click on the contacts folders-> select properties-> under properties go to Outlook address book-> check the box which says show this folder as an e-mail address book and click on ok.

Ganesh Kumar N
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