Cannot restart Outlook 2010 once closed unless I logout/login again

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Since I started using Outlook 2010 a couple weeks ago I have been monitoring this problem but it is not going away.

(1) Start outlook.

(2) Use it....

(3) Close outlook.

(4) Attempt to start outlook again.

Result: Pop-up window saying just "cannot start Microsoft Outlook"

According to task manager there are no other instances of outlook running. I found one suggestion to try "outlook.exe /resetnavpane". But that attempt yields the same error. Before I went on to more drastic suggestions I have seen (system restore, outlook repair, etc.) I just tried restarting my computer. Then outlook started just fine. I later found that a complete restart was not needed; a logout then login would fix it as well.

Ezil Vinoth

Did you check in Outlook safe mode?

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook icon and open in safe mode, now check with Outlook. If you are able to work without any issues then it is due to add-ins you were not able to use. Follow the steps below and disable add-ins in Outlook 2010.

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on File> options> Add-ins

3. Click on "GO" beside Manage – COM Add-ins and uncheck the add-ins and click ok.

4. Close and open Outlook and check to open add-ins

If you still face the same problem, follow the article and restart the computer in clean boot which will disable all non-Microsoft programs and check with Outlook.

Note: Make sure to restart the computer in normal mode later.
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