Is there a list of actions for the outlook 2010 quick steps

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Dan Asbill

I am thinking about updating to Outlook 2010 for the automation capabilities. Is there a list of actions for the outlook 2010 quick steps?

Dan Asbill


I did not know you could download a trial with out affecting the current outlook install. It had been my experience in the past that Office would let you down load everything except Outlook sauying only one version of Outlook could run at the same time. Thanks I will try it.

What I am trying to do:
I am looking for an Outlook automation program that with a keystroke or click (hot key trigger or floating tool bar) needs to be able to be able to store text and attachments as a e-mail templates or forms, and be able to use those templates as new e-mails and in reply messages. There are many ways to make templates for new e-mails but not any that I can find that I can inset text and PDF attachments into an e-mail reply.

Dan Asbill

I just down loaded office 2010 and you can not have 2 versions of outlook at the same time although it does not tell you that. It just does not download Outlook

Roady [MVP]


You can when you download the Click-to-Run version instead of using the full installer.

In the Account Management Console of the download site you can use Advanced Options to select the Click-to-Run version. For instructions, seethe bottom of this guide.

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