Emails stuck in outbox have upgraded from Outlook 2007 to 2010 and the same problem exists. Never had this problem with Outlook 2003.

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Email receipients are getting my emails often up to 40 times before I am aware of it. The process I have to go to, to delete these emails is not acceptable. Late last night I had to get out of bed after receiving a text from a friend saying she had my email 22 times and it was still coming then I had to restart the computer and go through the deleting process. There needs to be a hotfix for this problem as it is clear Outlook 2007 and 2010 both have this problem. I have been using Outlook for years and never had this problem. Started using windows live mail when I purchased a new computer which operated on Windows 7, but was not happy with it, therefore purchased Outlook 2007 and have since upgraded to 2010, but the problems I am experienceing with it are as I said no acceptable and clearly from the forums, not unique to me. The forum answers are of no help to me, the deleting process I had already worked out and the profile changing doesn't work.

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That issue is very often caused by an Anti Virus email scanner that has gone rogue (which they ALL eventually do), are you running one? You might also have a damaged Outlook profile, creating a new one may help:

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